Saturday, June 25, 2005

its funny how you know when your friends think their better than you. suddenly they're too important. they talk down to you. condescendingly. you ask how they are, and don't bother asking how you are. pretend they're more busy than you are when they're not. when you walk along and see these "friends", you say hi, then they have the "oh-hey-didn't-realize-it-was-you- (well-i-secretly-did -i'm-just - trying-to-avoid-you)" tone.

i remember a while back my friend's name on msn was "it's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn". ok...yeah. how would i prove that they're not better than me? then i thought...

fine. i might not be better than you. but i'm smart enough to stop being your friend. proven.


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